Yannick Bisson From Television’s ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Lets You Into His Home

If you have ever wondered how the rich and famous live, here is your insider look into the Toronto home of Canadian actor Yannick Bisson.

The proud father of three, and husband to his high school sweetheart, Shantelle, has a killer crib in Toronto. Below is a snippet of their interview with Toronto Storeys. Find out everything from how the couple designed their home, to why they’ve minimized their tech use, and beyond.

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How would you describe the style and vibe of your home?

Yannick: Our Toronto home is very modern, clean and linear with multiple levels to break it up. We’ve also gone to great lengths to warm it up with natural wood and textured surfaces.

Shantelle: I would describe the style and vibe of our house as comfortable modern, and not “too dear.” There is nothing in our home that you could spill a glass of wine on that would give us a heart attack. We like our homes to be inviting, not intimidating. We want everybody who comes through the front door to feel like they could — and are welcome to — stay forever.

Walk us through your home.  

Yannick: A big part of the goal was to have a “grand” entrance. But when you have to cram a two-piece bath, front closet and a fireplace, it’s very tricky. Shantelle had the brilliant idea to put the powder room immediately by the entrance. This made it very unobtrusive. So much so that people often miss it.

There’s a large wall space taken up by a beautiful antique Roche Bobois wall unit that came straight out of a ‘70s shag pad. Then comes the huge walnut veneer closet that rises 11 feet. The fireplace is to the right of it and acts as a room divider, a bench on three sides and, of course, a source of heat. Either side of that leads you into the living room and the rest of the main floor.

What are a few unique features in your home?

Yannick: Hydronic radiant floors throughout, beautiful custom walnut accents throughout, and beautiful Tiltco floor-to-ceiling windows. Also a glass wall feature between the main and mid-floor features a cantilevered landing, custom three-sided fireplace that I designed and added antique wood beams to myself.


Read the full interview here.

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